Feeling some type of way

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 18, 2017

Yes I'm feeling like I'm done trying to impress everyone who don't matter because the ones who don't mind don't matter right? I haven't smoked an want an I've been trying to get along with my son's step mom man she's a mannn I'll leave that way not gonna speak of it she has vendetta against my oldest son she's part of the reason why he's in that military group home anywaysss I'm feeling some type of way js anywaysss I hope this mood subsides with this glass of wine an a few shots of fire ball!! Just need to relax oh yeah lab work got checked for Lyme diease NEGATIVE  but it did come back ammonia in my blood I thought it was next month my Gi appointment nope it's the 26th that month! Anyways have a good night just been a going through it an these drinks sound pretty good right now!