Wedding wo a wedding dress

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 16, 2017

I can't find me a dress it's pushed back til next Friday my wedding date that is....I'm not using a excuse to smoke a cigarette because I'm stressed out I'm not but I can be stressed out I've had a tough week last week an just now finally feeling like myself again now my fiance off Wed Thurs Friday and he doesn't want a big wedding r even semi big something simple I'm everywhere today my best friend came by a while ago she smokes I let her on my porch wo me out there I'm still trying to get better my nose is running that's about all an my appitete back again oh Lord watch out lol anyways I want a nice dress and my husband to have a nice suit but our $ situation is not looking good at all!  so I don't know what type.of wedding we having I even cancelled the cake our rent coming up to so we gotta pay that first bills first before a wedding indeed I'm stressed out not only that I feel like smoking a cigarette too an I haven't had a smoke since my quit date!!! I know the consequences too from it I'm already sick from this cold and now liver issues anyways it was just a want I'm so over it now!!!!