Oh realllllyyyy

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 10, 2017

So I open my email okay an look at my emails an I just got notification saying "claim your Marlboro coupon I'm thinking like back then why Marlboro never sends me coupons when I was smoking now all of sudden BOOM I got a coupon realllllyyyy shaking my head I sure don't want anything dealing with tobacco products so I removed myself from the mailing list and emails woohooooooo!!!! Man not slave to cigarettes anymore!!!! I feel like death you guys like seriously I'm on amoxicillin anyone ever know what their antibiotic is or took it before let me tell you what it does to me makes me feel all drained an no energy an my nose keeps whistling at me I keep blowing it an underneath my nose is raw an red and I'm just like I'm sick of feeling this way an that isn't all I sound like I talk through my nose it's October an feels like July that's why I'm sick this dang weather ughhhhhhhh!!!!! On another note if I was still smoking an sick I would be puffing on cigarette while sick smh I'm serious I wouldn't make myself stop I would literally put a cough drop in my mouth to smoke that cigarette while coughing up a lung I'm serious I use to do that don't tell me I wasn't a committed smoker lol sad sad an y'all right if I was smoking still it would take forever to get well! Amen it took 3 weeks while a smoker to get over bronchitis why bc I kept a cigarette in my mouth while on meds sad sad I'm so sureeeeee someone has walked this path before I'm not the only one! Did y'all see my son jeron on my photos??? That's my twin right? Well y'all have a blessed day cooking chicken bacon ranch pasta an garlic bread and oh yeah so this morning I noticed something about myself I woke up at 7:05am okay my kids bus don't come to 7:14 well the day I actually let's the kids miss the bus bc why my phone was on vibrate yess so I said oh no y'all not staying home y'all missed the bus bc of me so I walked my kids to school yes one and 1/2 mile walk with my kids you know I never ran out of breath I'm so serious y'all not once and my boys was not late for school either but my face was red an sweaty though lol but it was awesome to do that this morning I was thinking if I was a smoker now I would of died doing that just saying. I do noticed my breathing is so much better like alot better bc I never lost my breath r needed water at all.