15 cough drops Later

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 10, 2017

Well yes I'm up an yes it's 12:16 am Everyone is asleep why... its not because I have insomnia Because I cannot breathe through my nose and I have a  upper respiratory Infection yes I'm sick I'm on antibiotics I don't even smoke you guys and have this crap like Ive been smoke free as of right now 16 days of Freedom DOF  and sick as if I was a smoker I stayed sick when I smoked my son also has the same thing I have we just passing back an forth to each other r was not anymore we both on meds an he doesn't drink after me either I am so sleepy you guys like I've been going all day like my oldest son jeron the one I have now for good he was behind on shots due to his dad's gf not giving a crap poor my little big man had too get 4 shots he was a big boy about it too but still held my hand an my fiance held him so he didn't jerk r anything he's did so good I got him all kinds of clothes today for church we did bump heads when he got here bc his additude problem but after I told him how's it gonna be he hasn't gave me any problems at all since he goes to school here first day tomorrow he's excited my baby is so happy.he has his big brother here finally now if I can get over my sickness an yes my wedding is next week actually Friday johnathan the one who's in the military group home was sent to a mental hospital because he keeps talking about wanting to commit sucide they take that serious he wants to.come home he's on meds etc... But haven't heard from him what else my mom y'all was dynosed with reumotoid arthritis I don't know how to spell it she's only 50 sum and she's not taking it good at all. Please keep her an my family in y'all prayed an especially my son johnathan realllllyyyy appreciate it hope y'all have a good night's sleep don't look like I'm get any cyber hugs to all!!! #mynosewhistles #canyousayjustachooo #and15coughdropslater #DOF15 #tellmewhenoctoberisover