I just wanna tell y'all a little information

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 6, 2017

So in 2012 I gave up my boys to their dad why because I couldn't support them my life was chaos an I felt it was the best thing for them both well they been gone for 5 years I have joint custody his dad has domiciliary custody I see them anytime of the day r night rain sleet r snow he can't deny me of them both well y'all know about my oldest son gone to a military group home okay thats whoever is following me the ones who aren't he is very disrespectful an distrubbed he's got mental problems I'm not getting in it today r explain details okay well my middle child is a mamas baby and today he told his dad well he has been telling his dad he wants to live with me and today his dad called me and said Felicia jeron wants you I said okay this weekend he said no forever I said what he said I'm giving you custody of him he's not happy he told me he's not happy he's 12 y'all and so Saturday he's coming to live with me forever and since I stopped smoking he's like so happy he said mom r you serious I said yes bubba I stopped smoking for 11 days and y'all the ones who isn't religious that's okay I prayed for him to come back to me I done went through a lawyer for custody it would cost me $3000 to get domiciliary custody and I've prayed for months and God I know it's God who answered my prayer why I believe that because my ex husband is honorry an selfish an I prayed for God to turn his heart warm to Jerons feelings an he did just that after 5 years I will have my son with me forever he's so excited I'm so excited an he's so happy I stopped smoking  but he did say this Mom you have to stick to it I said I will bubba I don't want them things an I don't even allow smoking at my house he's like I'm so proud of you when we got finished talking I cried an Thanked God for giving me back my baby I'm sorry I got real deep with this blog but I think I was right smoking was hindering my blessings...it's just what I believe God is Awesome!!! There's power in Jesus Name that's all I have to say!!! Thanks for taking your time out to read my blog...I'm so happy!!!!!