Little about Me

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 2, 2017

I am 33 I was borned an raise in Louisiana I have three boys a fiance an I've been smoke free since Sept 24 2017 my name is Felicia my Nick name is fee I have battled anxiety an bipolar for many years and finally I am medicine free from it all I was taught to have respect for your elders and always say please an thank you an I was taught you better stand for something or you will fall for anything I know how to fish hunt be one of the guys you can say I am also a little lady I can be both heehee  I can't call myself a christain why because we fall daily but I am strong enough to say I need God everyday I decided to stop smoking for 4 good reasons one for myself God Husband and kids I admit I use to not care to blow smoke In someone's direction being my kids husband or anyone around why because I felt like I bought them enough they expensive and I am not wasting my cigarette I'll walk the other way an not waste it an save it for later lol that was so sad I can just look back now an think wow I saved all those halves hahahaha...like man I was such a slaveee to them darn things saving halves to smoke later because they were expensive was my excuse smh sad sad well now I can say I don't want them I'll never pick the habit back up an before I even think I want one I'll come on here an gripe an complain an rant over why I wanna cigarette FIRST AN FORMOST I WANNA Thank y'all all for taking your time out to read my blog!!! Yall r all my blessings sent to me from God and don't ask me how I even found the site because I don't know all I do know is I'm so happy I did!!!! "Fee33" aka Felicia