Another one Really!?

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Sep 30, 2017

So I'm up at 3:14am this morning another sleepless night again I know I have no nicotine in my blood stream at all why am I still restless I don't get it I am wide awake an it's 3:15am Everyone is sleeping my boyfriend/fiance gets up at 5am I've been so snappy lately like so aggravated an mean an everything an everyone gets on my nerves my friend an my cousin r smokers an she was like we coming over I said don't bring no cigarettes to my house I don't smoke an don't wanna smell them she's like we planned to not smoke around you I said thanks but I don't even want y'all smoking on my porch I don't want cigarettes around me she's like okay needless to say they didn't stay long see how mean an direct I am Imagine how I am to everyone since I stopped smoking it's no joke I am mean  I mean the smallest things I've noticed my smell has came back like 10times more like yesterday I was grocery shopping an this woman must of been a smoker bc I smelled it an choked an walked away I was thinking to myself omg did I smell like that when I smoked wow...it blew my mind big time I bet I am the only one going through restless nights losing sleep tossing an turning this nicotine crap is a dang joke man like forreal! It does all this to you when you stop like seriously grrrrrrrrrrrr I hate freaking cigarettes!!!!!!!! I hate how my body is reacting to not having them an I hope soon I feel SOME right normal again! #sleepygrouchymamabear #cigsdosuckthelifeoutofyou #sleepdeprived #reallyupagainintheAM