I'm done!!!

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Sep 29, 2017

He makes me so mad he's so impatient and so we was at Walmart an I was looking around and he's just so impatient with me like I was trying to get everything I needed for tonight because I've been having Cravens back to back an all I wanna freaking do is freaking smoke he makes me so mad like men get on my nerves why can't they be more patient anyways you can say this is a venting rant!!!! I just wanna smoke dang it and I feel it's coming sooner then later today just been so crazy!!!! And I'm about to marry this man an he doesn't have patience with me an I ask him to stop by the store where I get my cigarettes at and he's like why??? Because he recently quit dipping I said I want a slush from there he's like oh your about to give in I said you get on my nerves you make me so mad I'm at the Redbox it's a DVD center in my town an he wants the new transformers movie an I have the app the Redbox app on my phone I'm like wait I'll see if it's that location he's like well let's get wonder woman I said hold on we can see if they both at the location bc one was there an the other wasnt he wouldn't wait on me so I gave up cuss a few words bc he's so unpatient with me and I just left

Him standing there. #maddnessallwrappedinaskirt yes that's me right now I'm pissed off and I wanna smoke bc I feel it will call.me.down but I know it want at all I know it want!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr shaking my head men grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!