Thank You !!!!

Blog Post created by Eyes65 on Apr 1, 2019

So I have achieved a great milestone!!!  I have been smoke free for 365 days...it has not been easy.  There has been some ups and some downs.  There has been some gains and some loses.  I have cried and I have smiled.... but through it all I have prevailed.  Not alone... without God and this community of supporters I could not have done this!!!  You all have been such an inspiration.  Never in all of the times I attempted to quit did I feel like I would be letting someone down besides myself.  Never did I ever feel like I could fail.  I do not want to mention names as I might leave someone out but THANK YOU to everyone!!!  I lost a student two weeks ago.  She was shot on her way home from school.. I ran to the hospital and was so upset.  Someone was standing next to me smoking and all I could do was ask them to please move their smoke was bothering me.  I passed the test.. She is now with the Lord and I am still mourning but not with a cigarette... Thank you Jesus!!!!  Thank you EX-family!!  I am continuing this journey... N.O.P.E.!!!!  Love ya!!!!  Pray for me and I will pray for you!!!