Had to Vent

Blog Post created by Eyes65 on Oct 28, 2018

So today is day 210 and the last few days have been hard.  They have been harder than any other time.  Yesterday I wanted a killerette so bad but there is no way I will ever go back... N.O.P.E.  It was nothing that happened it was just the worst craving in 210 days!!  The devil is a liar!!!  What’s funny is the craving seems like it last for 30-60 minutes when it really was about 5 minutes.  I will Keyes’s praying everyday that I was not tempted and for reduced cravings.  It seems when I thought I had won and stopped praying I realized I was not ready to do it alone.  So I am now ready to begin my diet because I have gained 30 pounds in these 210 days..  Food taste so different and it’s yummy   I wish everyone much success and I will continue to pray for our success..loving my ex family!!!