Day 201

Blog Post created by Eyes65 on Oct 19, 2018

Wow!!!! I never thought I would make it.  I am so blessed to have not smoked for 201 days.  My craving have reduced tremendously.  Most days I don’t even remember I use to make.  As a non-smoker I cannot stand the smell of cigs on me.  I only have one friend that smokes and she is reducing her intake because I no longer smoke.  However, it is funny how people don’t believe you will last.  I am slowly removing those people. Mpositive tgoughts only.  I thank God for my ex family!!! I thank God because I could not have done this without Him.  I thank God because the support and encouragement that I receive from you all my extended family!!!  I love you all and continue to pray for me and I will pray for you and your success and good health... love you guys to the moon    and back!!!!