I can ..I will!!!

Blog Post created by Eyes65 on May 4, 2018

So I live  In Chicago where we have 4 seasons in one day!!!  I am sitting here thinking what I am going to do this summer without cigarettes!!!  I am so excited about a summer without cigarettes.. Tomorrow I will start attending the gym...I am so excited about all of the possibilities of being able to actively engage in activities and can BREATHE!!!!!  I have two trips planned and I can stay in the room with my mom without hearing her complaints.  It will be funny because I have not told her that I no longer smoke.  I QUIT!!!!  That sounds so good!!!  I QUIT!!!!  Wow!!! I. Well now on to losing these 6 pounds I gained in this one month , three days and 19  hours...  I know that sounds petty but I am so excited... This is the longest I have quit in twenty years....Thank you God and all of my wonderful ex family... I will conquer NML with your continued support!!!  Gonna be a member of the 6%!!!