One Month Quit!!!!

Blog Post created by Eyes65 on May 1, 2018

One month no cigarette...  N..O.P....  I am so excited!!!!  I cannot believe it has been one month. I only had one craving today!!!  Thank you God!!!!  I am only able to do this because of my faith in God, prayers and this AWESOME family I get to share my strengths and weaknesses with.  I will admit I have gained 5 pounds but I do not care... This too will pass... I am on my way to being one of the 6%...  I will NEVER smoke again.  IMy tastebuds work, my breathing is better, and I do not smell!!!!  I do have some aches and pains but I am attributing some of them to my body getting extra oxygen... I have insomnia most night but who cares.  I am nicotine free!!!  That sounds so strange.  I don’t SMOKE!!!!  Wow!!!  I always fantasized I would say that but now I can say it for real.My story began two weeks before I quit... One night I was awaken at 2:00 am to a voice that said quit smoking... I jumped up and looked around wondering who said that... I went back to sleep... the next night the same thing happen at the same time 2:09 am.  I smoked one more week and then I never picked up another one.. Please continue to pray for me and I for you as I have been blessed with a new family that understands and supports me!!!  I lLOVE you all!!!!!