4 Weeks Nicotine Free

Blog Post created by Exvape on Oct 25, 2019

Well it’s after midnight so I am now officially in my 28th day of freedom from the grip of nicotine. I know it’s a milestone, but it’s each minute of each day that matters. In a blink of an eye I could be back  to vaping ——but it’s not going to happen because of the hyper vigilance that this site inspires. Each of us have to do the heavy lifting, but the strength to break free comes from the desire to live a different life. That desire to be free is articulated in so many heartfelt ways in this forum. Each of us carries within ourselves the strength to be free. It’s just a matter of harnessing the energy and that is what comes from the Becomeanex community. My sister is the one who kept telling me I can’t do it alone and she was right. In fact, why do it alone when the ability to quit is made so much easier through the power of the words of the members of this forum. 
Thanks to all for allowing me to tap into the collective knowledge and experience that I find here each day when I log in.

All the best to all of you.

28 Days Free.

28 Days of mind over matter