$10 bucks a day

Blog Post created by Exvape on Oct 24, 2019

I used to spend at least $10 a day on ecigs.


On  my way to the train I’d walk into the smoke shop and I’d get a cherry blu ecig.


On most days I’d walk into the shop and the owner would automatically take the cherry blu ecig from the shelf behind him and place it on the counter in front of me. I had him well trained.


i stopped on Sept 27th and 9 pm... tomorrow will be 4 weeks.


what I’ve done for the past 27 days is transfer $10 into an investment account I have with the app Acorns. I’m up to $270 saved. I just transferred $10 before writing this blog entry.


On my 1 year anniversary God willing I’ll have invested $3650. That’s a lot of money NOT spent on poison.


Thank you all for your constant support.


It’s the support that has made this quit different. It’s the different between life and death and life and breath.


All the best to each and everyone of you.



day 27 DOF