A Visit to the ER

Blog Post created by Exvape on Oct 21, 2019

So my mother in law (83) has Parkinson’s —-and tonight she always having heart palpitations which got her nervous......a few calls later she and my father in law (86) were on their way to the ER.


my wife and I just got here ..and my MIL is doing ok...waiting to speak to the attending ER physician...but she is feeling better....just waiting on a gurney in the crowded ER to be seen..it’s gonna be a long nite!


i just have to say....we should be doing whatever we can do to stay out of hospitals!


if you’ve quit—stay quit!


if you are thinking about quitting —then do it!


The hospital is where we don’t want to be! 

those are my 2 cents this evening.