Two Stories With Very Different Endings

Blog Post created by Exvape on Oct 20, 2019

My sister who is sixty seven and a few years older

than me, was an alcoholic and chain smoker, who by the grace of God and AA managed to quit alcohol and cigarettes. She does have an “addictive personality” and now I joke with her when I say she is a born again vegan. If you’re gonna be an addict it might as well be to vegetables! She has been sober and smober for over thirty years.


My step brother became an alcoholic and chain smoker in his early twenties...and hurt his body so badly with the booze that he required an operation which subsequently got him hooked on pain killers. I’m sorry to say he passed away some time ago—but the truth is he never really got over the alcohol, and chain smoking didn’t help his situation.


Support is key. Having faith in some higher power certainly helped my sister survive and thrive and now that faith in a higher power is helping me.


support and faith I think are the key ingredients.


don’t give up.


life is precious.