I like this story...

Blog Post created by Exvape on Oct 15, 2019

So Johnny was in the third grade and one day Steven brought in a new watch he had gotten as a gift. Johnny was jealous as he never received such a fancy gift. Steven was showing the watch to his classmates and when the time for recess came he left the watch inside his desk drawer. Johnny saw Steven put the watch in his drawer and he made sure he was the last one out the door to recess.... he quickly walked over to Johnnys desk and grabbed the watch and put it in his briefcase.


After the kids returned from recess, Steven let out a loud cry, “my watch is gone!” He ran up to the teacher and with great anguish on his face told the teacher his new watch that he had gotten for his birthday was missing. The teacher, Mr. Mathews asked the class to be quiet and said, “ ok whoever took the watch please give it back now and you won’t get in trouble.” Silence.  No response. Mr Mathews asked again. “Ok boys & girls, people make mistakes, please return the watch and there won’t be any problems and you won’t get in trouble.”  Again no response. Now Mr. Mathews shut the door to the classroom and said, “ I’m asking one last time... please return the watch and no one will get in trouble.” Again,  no response.


”ok everyone take your book bags and line up in front of the classroom.”  



Johnny was feeling very nervous. He felt his palms getting sweaty as he took his his briefcase and lined up with the other kids in the front of the class.


Mr Mathews then said, “hold your bags out and open in front if you and close your eyes.”


Johnny was now terrified as Mr Mathews slowly started searching the bags. Finally Mr. Mathews reached into Johnnys bag .... and then he kept moving down the line of students. Finally after he was done searching everyone he said “ok open your eyes.”  Everyone opened their eyes and Mr. Mathews returned the watch to Steven and didn’t say a word about in whose bag  he had found the watch.


Johnny could not believe that Mr. Mathews didn’t say anything to him. ...and Mr Mathews never mentioned the incident again. Johnny was so moved by Mr.Mathews kindness that little Johnny decided that he would become a teacher when he was a grownup.


Many many years later, Johnny was at a wedding, and as coincidence would have it, Mr Mathews was also at the wedding. Johnny went up to Mr. Mathews and asked, “Mr. Mathews, do you remember me? I’m Johnny, you were my third grade teacher.”  Mr. Mathews said “I’m afraid I don’t remember you as I had many many students over the years.”    Johnny said,” but I was the one who took the watch... remember you told us to line and close our eyes as you searched the bags....remember you found the watch in my bag?... remember you didn’t say anything after you found the watch in my bag?  In fact, Mr Mathews you are the reason I became a teacher because I was so touched by your kindness to me!


Mr Mathews looked at Johnny and then said, “now I remember....I have to tell you Johnny. my eyes were also closed.”


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