A little arithmetic

Blog Post created by Exvape on Oct 7, 2019

So I used buy a disposable Cherry Blu ecig before work ($10) ....... vape it with coffee..... then throw it out in the hopes I wouldn’t buy another one and head into my office.


very often I’d buy another disposable after lunch - another $10-..... vape on it.... throw it out and then head back into my office.


somedays I wouldn’t throw them out and I’d be vaping all day.


but more often then not I’d buy one,  vape on it abit, and then toss it.


so I was doing this all week.


do figure during the course of a week I’d buy 10 ecigs.


10 ecigs x $10 per ecig x 52 weeks = $5200


$5200 x the 5 years I vaped = $26,000


that’s probably a low estimate and doesn’t include the years I bought packs of Marlboros and would smoke a few and then throw the pack out and then do it again the next day.


that my friends is one GIANT waste of money