Enough is enough!

Blog Post created by Exvape on Sep 28, 2019

When I first heard about ecigs I guess around 5 or 6 years ago, I thought they were a brilliant way to quit smoking. I used to smoke only a few cigarettes a day, but I thought I’ll switch to ecigs to get my nicotine fix without any of the smoke. No tar, no smell. So I stopped smoking and started vaping. The problem with vaping was that I found it and continue to find it impossible to control. I can vape all day and no one knows...there is no smell, no ashes...clean and neat! So how’s this for insanity....I ride a bike about 30 minutes every day to get to my office and then another 30 minutes on the bike to get home. Great exercise, right?... Once I hop off the bike I go get a cup of black coffee and I buy a disposable ecig and I immediate start sipping and vaping.  Some days I’ll toss the ecig before I get to my desk in the hopes I won’t vape again,  but often in the afternoon I’ll cave and buy another ecig or if I manage to make it thru the day, the next morning I’m

back to buying another disposable.  When my stress at work increases, I tend to sit at my desk vaping constantly. Also periodically, when I vape occasionally my eyes become very bloodshot and I’m sure the nicotine is the culprit. So I managed to replace a few cigs a day with constant vaping. Enough is enough! I started looking for support online and stumbled on this site....so I’m hoping and praying the support here will help me break the chains of nicotine addiction. I’m tired of being an addict. Today is officially day 1.