Hey yup been a minute

Blog Post created by Eric_L. on Jul 27, 2017

I'm still working overnights and the Mrs works days so that we don't have daycare for the coolest,craziest, dinosaurest Sesame street loving little girl in the entire world.  13 mos.  She's been walking for 15 days.  Pushing the shopping cart around at Wal-mart.  Trying to cherish every moment.


I love this place.  YOU all taught me the myths of smoking and let me be crazy early in my quit. 


If I can quit anyone can.  No joke.  You can do this.


I have seen the other side of reality and I asked the question who am I?  The answer I received was you are loved.  The answer I assure you is the same for you.  You are loved and you can quit smoking.  Everything that draws you to smoke is a pothole and all you have to do is walk around it.


If you want to learn how to not smoke come here and rant.  Then listen.