I don't like the new site and don't think I would have used it when I quit if it was like this.

Blog Post created by Eric_L. on Feb 15, 2017

Pretty much the subject.  Kind of sad about this site.  It was very straightforward and easy to use.  I think that some consultants talked Mayo into the benefits of "beefing" up the site instead of listening to what everybody was saying a year ago.  All we wanted was the ability to post pictures easily.


Anyhow, we are doing great!  Joey is about 8.5 months old.  Very busy.  I'm working overnite to eliminate the need for a sitter which is a great opportunity to get to hang out with her.  Unfortunately, for the time being me and Liz aren't seeing a lot of eachother.


Continuing to practice constantly what I learned in REBT.  A big part of life these days has been noticing how little of life demands a true sense of urgency.  Realizing that stuff is irritating but manageable is both true and goal producing to reinforce.  Very little to analyze. Focusing on that comes miles before the thoughts of smoking.


Well, like Neil deGrasse Tyson says, the country goes crazy every couple of decades and then doesn't until it forgets that it went crazy in the past.  All I'm saying is I told you so.  That being said, my life is richer fuller happier when I focus on Christian ethics, like doing what's in the parables literally or metaphorically, and trying to pray sincerely on the gray area of those things.  Like balancing being a good Samaritan to my daughter and being a good neighbor in my community.


I think the ghost of Bill, a man that died of lung cancer at my store in the summer, is haunting me at work.  He messes with the door and flickers the lights.  When I say hi Bill it stops.  Maybe it's just lack of sleep?  Or maybe...