Can you Canoe.....Kayak?

Blog Post created by EllenMT on Feb 17, 2011

Well after sitting on my butt for the past month I've put on some pounds and my three legged walks aren't burning enough calories or energy so after a little discussion with our own IrishRose, I've got a guy coming out to our place tomorrow and he is bringing three different kayaks for me to try, my 15 y/o next door neighbor is also bringing his on Saturday and it even has a sail.  Hubby wants to get a two seater but I can see me doing all the work after a reallyt short time, he has bad shoulders, I kinda like the angler models as I can fish and carry my Jack Russell in the storage area, she loves to boat and swim.  My neighbors is the time with the neoprene skirt more suited for rapids but he has rigged a sail for it for added speed.  I only have 13 miles to get to the Gulf of Mexico so the sail would come in handy for the trip back up river.  


I am so excited, I know I can learn this as I have a knack for anything that can move I can operate!  It is just a matter of what type I am most comfortable with.  It may be a week or more before I actually get one but at least I get to try it before I buy it.  WooooHooo it won't be long before I hit some class 5 rapids!