Freedom Feels Real

Blog Post created by Elle047 on Jan 8, 2018

Today I am going to a gathering for the championship game (Georgia vs Alabama). This is my cousins house where I have smoked and drank and hung out for so long. I have gone there only one time (Thanksgiving) since I quit almost 8 weeks ago. The thought of hanging out without smoking has been one of dread and real concern that I will not have any fun without smoking paired with fear that I will just take that “one hit.” You know...that one that sends you back into the pit of despair and the cycle of hell. Yea. No thanks. BUT TODAY I feel more freedom from it than ever. I have no fear, only excitement that I will be hanging out with friends and family. I don’t worry I will take that one dreaded hell hit. I’m actually EXCITED I get to hang out and I’m ok that I’m not smoking. I’m GOOD. Oh, what a relief.