Day 3... HARD

Blog Post created by Elizabethrocksthehair on Jun 20, 2018

So day 3. Last night it started getting hard. I watched a movie set in the 40s maybe and EVERY SCENE THEY WERE SMOKING!!! If it wasn’t such a good movie I would of turned it off. I tried to not focus on that but it was so hard. Good news I made it through. Today still having bad cravings but drinking lots of water instead. I’m staying strong. Ohhhh and this morning waking up the nasty mucus’s coughing started, fortunately it was only this morning and not lingering. I haven’t gotten the book yet, will probably go to the bookstore Sunday when I’m off. I keep reading here though. Thanks to everyone keeping me on track and hopefully someone can take some encouragement from my journey. Funny how writing this helps fight those nicodemons!!!