Just starting the quit process

Blog Post created by ElizabethRachel on Aug 20, 2017

Well here I am with barely one foot in the water.  Sincerely want to be a non-smoker for all the same logical reasons.  My quit date is Sept 11 but I could move it up to the 5th.  It will depend on how well I can do the prep work and get in that position.  I have received the lozenges from the state of Massachusetts and they are sitting waiting for me.  I chose the lozenges to give myself a physical step to do every 2 hours or so.  Now I am beginning this group support system and would appreciate having some of you here with me along the way.  I am a 68 yr old woman, not that matters, but it matter to some of you.  I have enough friends and family to live a satisfying life and enjoy living alone with my dog. I have many interests and stay active.  I've had a non-smoke zone home for many years so that should help.  Although dragging my behind out of bed in the morning with my smokes and a hot coffee is driven by a force that no amount of snow can match.  We all know about the craziness of it all.  Anyhow, thanks for being here.  Elizabeth