The path to freedom is hard but walkable

Blog Post created by Elisabetta on Oct 2, 2019

Happy new day to everybody!!

As I am writing,  I am starting my day 11 of freedom, I quit cold turkey after 41 years of slavery. In the last 30 years I tried some millions solutions to quit, my best result was last year cold turkey, freedom lasted 11 days..so... today is a big day!! So far it has been extremely tough...it's a daily struggle, very often I think: tomorrow I will smoke.... today I won't" .My mood is like a rollercoaster,  I have big difficulties in concentrating, I wake up in the middle of the night, then I fell asleep again, very deep sad thoughts are jumping in and out my mind...the cravings last less and less and every new  day they're less frequent. Before quitting, because of my previous attempts,  I knew that several times  a day I would have said :"aaah...I'm dying for a Ziggy" or "Aaahhh I could kill for a Ziggy",I and knew I would have considered suicide so, this time, the day I quit, I wrote down that these feelings would have come to me and it's helping me a lot now... How do you feel?