The day before my quit

Blog Post created by EXtraordinaire27 on Aug 8, 2018

Hi all! Today is the day before my quit. I'm feeling alot of mixed emotions. I'm excited, sad, nervous, but one important feeling is motivated. This isn't my first attempt at quitting. This time I realize I have to be in it for the long haul. For the rest of my life. Last time I quit I lasted 91 days. I thought I had it under control but one night my husband and I decided to drink. He bought a pack of cigarettes and all bets were off. I thought I could control it. I cannot! The EXcommunity has been my number one support.The education and advice is priceless. 

   I wanted to record my experience last time I quit and I don't have an answer to why I didn't. This time I'm doing it, not only for myself but for everyone out there that might relate.

  So here I am. I've done all the pre planning through My Ex Plan, identifying triggers( I check all the boxes on that one), I've re written my schedule and routines. I have my support system in place. I have switched my quitting aid to gum this time. The patches were great but my body always rejected it. It sweat it off within an hour or two. I used the gum one weekend when I was in vacation with my family( they would not tolerate a smoker real well). It was awesome. Fast acting and very convienant.

  I can quit and you can too! Preparation and determination are on my side!

  Have a great day everyone! See you tomorrow!