Release Notes: What's New from Jive?

Blog Post created by EXProductManager Employee on Oct 31, 2018

On October 26, Jive (our EX Community platform) did a big release that included many features/functionality. Some of those things affected our community in really positive ways, and here's what they are!


  • Blog posts should now post when they are scheduled.
  • You can now mention users who have an underscore in their name (for example, John_Doe). 
  • Scrollbar works now when using the magnifying glass to search.
  • The reference link for badges works when receiving a badge so you know which comment received a badge.
  • Edited blog posts with future publish dates now post on the correct day and at the correct time.
  • You can now send and preview images in private messages.
  • If your post contains blocked content you'll receive a more specific message than the previously generic message.
  • Links will now appear when viewing content as a PDF instead of black bars.
  • You can now preview your profile with the privacy settings as others would see it.
  • When viewing comments in a new tab/window, it will scroll to the correct comment rather than the first page of comments.
  • Color and Table formatting will properly render now when viewing as PDF.
  • When invited to a private social group, you'll now have a link to accept or reject the invitation.
  • Message Board and Private messages will now be able to be imported in the future. We expect to be able to do this in late winter/early spring 2019.


Please let Mark or me know if you have any questions!