Release Notes 5/30/18: What’s New?

Blog Post created by EXProductManager Employee on May 30, 2018

Three cheers to our development team, who continues to work hard to ensure that EX isn’t down long while we spiffy things up!

Our big focus of this release was making it easier to register and login on EX.


Here’s what’s new:

  • If there’s an error when registering (such as signing-up using an existing email address in our system), the form scrolls right up to where the error is to make it easier to correct.
  • When registering, you only have to enter your password once.
  • We’ve made it possible to know, in real-time, if the username you want is available when you register.
  • We re-arranged a few fields on the registration form to make it less confusing and easier for your browser auto-fill to work (if you have that enabled).
  • You can now login with EITHER your username or your email address (!!) 
  • We added a new page for sponsored users related to their sponsored features.