Release Notes 10/17/17: What's New?

Blog Post created by EXProductManager Employee on Oct 17, 2017

This is an exciting day! Our whole EX Team is thrilled to roll out an updated version to the My EX Plan side of the site, with a new visual design, look, feel, and style. You can check it out by clicking on My Quit Plan in the top right corner of the Community.


All of your tools and resources are still there. If you have a quit date set, we've kept it safe. If you've been tracking your triggers or tobacco-use patterns, all that information is still saved.


So what's different?

  • Cleaner, more straightforward navigation to make it easier to find tools, resources, and information on the site
  • Updated ways of talking about the resources available on EX - including the Community - to be more inclusive to all kinds of tobacco users and reflect the value we place on your past quitting experiences and current quitting approaches
  • Fresher, more modern colors, icons, photos, and images
  • Improved mobile experience, so that EX looks great no matter what device you're using
  • Enhanced tools with more visual appeal (check out the updated tobacco tracker, for example!)


Some of you may have participated in surveys or interviews to contribute feedback on this new design, and we thank you with our whole hearts! There will be ongoing improvements and updates to the site over the next several months and years, and many more opportunities to contribute, so stay tuned!