Almost there! 70 Days

Blog Post created by DylanL14 on Oct 5, 2018

After all the withdrawal symptoms I overcame quitting cold turkey I finally feel close to where I want to be.

I have minor foot tingling, Stomach cramps and headaches but my doctor informed me this is what I will have to deal with now that my circulation is improving.


My suggestions: Don't Give up on yourself.


1. Go to the Gym.. I set the treadmill on 14 elevation and walk my way up for 30 minutes and pretend i am climbing the mountain to freedom.


2. Good Probiotics will help stabilize your stomach.


3. Enjoy the little things. Blast some music, enjoy a hammock, go to a festival.


4. Talk about it... People are caring and will understand what your going through.


5. Believe in yourself and the process...


any withdrawal questions feel free to ask I had them all!!!