Yoga, Jewelry and Dog Walks

Blog Post created by Dyanaquits on Mar 6, 2020

I started doing yoga a little while ago to try to get back in shape. I’ve found that it is helping me to relax a lot more when I’m feeling antsy. I’ve been repairing and making jewelry, for those that said they’d like to see, I have photos on my Instagram page , just search for @antiqueorunique . My two dogs also like long walks, so that helps too. 


I’m retired, I retired early due to health reasons, which is good news and bad news; I don’t have a job to create additional stress, but I also don’t have something that would take my focus away from not vaping. 


Its been three days days since I quit, and so far it’s been ok. I did prepare by cutting down on the nicotine levels I was vaping gradually over the past month, so when I got to zero I said “that’s it.” What I think of now is the money I’ll save from not vaping. It was about $15 a week, which is less than cigarettes but I wondered if I wasn’t doing greater harm using a vape device; this stuff is new, and who knows the long term effects it could have! Hopefully stopping now will help stem some of those from harming me. I want to reach 50 years old this year in better shape than 40; 40 was a bad year for me.