90 hours in...

Blog Post created by Donaldwilsarion on May 5, 2019

  Ok, 90 hours since i quit.... my smoking cessation lady put me on a 21 mg and a 14 mg on each arm. I was smoking almost 30 a day so she she suggested I wear 2. She also gave me 2 mg Nicorette gum and 2 mg Nicorette lozenges I didn't like the gum but, the first two days I ate 4 lozenges each day.... I haven't had one yet today......this is my third day, creeping up on my fourth.....its been a total struggle.....cant feel any pleasure....just anger and disgust today....need natural dopamine quickly learning to hate the feeling of the "nrt" nicotine still being in me.....just delaying the real hard battle ahead.....holy church!!