Day 37: That was close

Blog Post created by DimArtist on Aug 31, 2017

Today I had a very insisting feeling that I needed a cigarette at my work. It wasn't 10 minutes. It was way more than that. I have this feeling that I escaped a maze or a trap that I didn't fall in. It's very weird feeling cause as I am typing these words I still have a feeling of I need some cigarette. I know I am in No Man's Land at this moment but this is the time when I have more and harder cravings. I won't say that I'm facing some difficulties because we all do and it's an excuse but yes I have my reasons to feel stressed. Family stuff or if they renew my work status. I know cigarette won't take them away but I need some relief. There is a lot of weight in my shoulders and I just need to calm down.

- Dimitris