Day 5: Managing my panic attacks

Blog Post created by DimArtist on Jul 30, 2017

Yesterday I had a bad day at my work with my coworker. had a panic attack because of the fight with my colleague. When I have panic attacks the first thing that comes to mind is "smoke a cigarette to calm down". I handled it without relapsing and stayed away. It was a good test on day 5. I have a long history on panic attacks, anxiety and depression. I see a doctor for 5-6 years and taking pills since then. My mind on panic attacks is blurry. I never take good decisions. I am afraid of myself because I take stupid decisions. But I am still nervous. Smoking must not be an option.


I need some good internet feed on smoking. For example, I have found these from the Guardian Smoking | Society | The Guardian and from the NY Times Smoking and Tobacco - The New York Times and I also follow accounts like CDC Tobacco Free and Truth Initiative. Any good suggestions?

Keep up the fight!

- Dimitris