5 Days Smokefree

Blog Post created by DimArtist on Apr 29, 2017

I have completed 5 days without a cigarette. My mother is pleased with my decision. I am also pleased. The symptoms are going away day after day. I no longer want the first thing to do in the morning is to smoke with my coffee. This is a big deal for me. I am making progress. I sometimes feel my legs very tired and being hyperactive but I know these are symptoms. But the thing is that I see many people smoking at the cafes, on the street waiting for the bus and I envy them for some reason. This is important and it doesn't get away every time I try to quit smoking. I think I am missing something. I think that I'm in a party standing alone having noone to talk to and others just having fun, laughing etc. This is my mind trying to trick me. I know my mind misses it a lot and alerts me to go buy a pack but I'm more disciplined now. But seeing other people smoking is my kryptonite. I can get easily affected by these things.