The Last Cigarette

Blog Post created by DimArtist on Apr 24, 2017

Hi! Haven't posted in a while but I read some of the blogs when I get the newsletter. I am quitting again and today is the day. I have scheduled it for some time, I did some research and I have been preparing for this moment. There is one cigarette left. I am excited and frightened. I decided to get back my life, to stop killing myself daily and slowly. The vaping thing didn't do much. Instead it get me hooked and wanted more. I don't suggest it. A big thing to quitting smoking is to have a lot of confidence to do so and I'm confident right now of making it happen. There is this video that it's really helpful. I watch every time I want to quit. I can tell you that being a smoker the last two months made me have nausea and headaches. A lot of headaches. I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted to throw up after having some cigarettes. I don't want to live like this. This is a good reason to consider quitting for me. My body tells me in that way that I can not continue smoking, that I'm killing me slowly. I also want to have whiter teeth, fresh breath, smell and taste better. I don't want to age quickly and I don't want wrinkles. I definitely and I'm telling this as a man, don't want to lose hair. Teeth and hair are my biggest fears. I am having nightmares on this. I don't want my dog to breath my smoke. I want to use again my CPAP machine because I have sleeping apnea and I want oxygen in my body. I am afraid of all the withdrawal symptoms but this time I will make it. And in my next panic attack I won't buy a pack. I will dea it with other more healthy options. I also want to complete Alen Carr's book. So, that's it. Wish me luck. I hope I can aboard on the Smokefree Train.