Day 2

Blog Post created by DimArtist on Mar 27, 2017

I am actually frightened of being smoke free. I know that it's the withdrawl symptom that is talking but as Alan Carr said smokers are afraid in the thought that will never smoke again. And I am afraid as well. Many talk about Freedom but the thought that I won't have a cigarette with my coffee in the morning makes me uncomfortable. I'm 28 years old. I believe that I'm not in a age that I should be afraid of but I definitely made a promise a decade ago that I don't want to smoke in my thirties that it's just a university thing. A stupid thing. I feel a lot sleepy during the day. I am kind of bored and sleeping makes me forget my thoughts. I know that I have usual withdrawal things but please go easy on me. I made a plan of playing games but it still makes me want to smoke. Probably I'm not good at making plans but at least I'm trying and I haven't smoked for at least 48 hours.