Quitting again but in a different way

Blog Post created by DimArtist on Mar 25, 2017

After many and many faied attempts, I decided today that it's our national independence day in Greece to go smokefree. But the thing is that this time I will try vaping instead. A friend of mine gave to me as a gift and a 10 ml liquid bottle but the thing is that it doesn't last much and it's not that cheap as many say. In two-three days I have to buy a new liquid for 5-6€. It seems a lot safer but still I think I am not kicking the habit. I want to know what's your story. Have you ever start vaping when you quit smoking? Did it work out? Is it worth it? Also doesn any of you use a CPAP machine when you are sleeping because I want to use it again and I never used when I was smoking but what about vaping? Can I start using it again?