Long Road to Travel

Blog Post created by Dietz1968 on Jun 12, 2019

Hi everyone:  I am on a journey to quit smoking.  I have been smoke free for 45 days now.  My quit date was April 28, 2019.  I recently had a procedure to remove a nodule from my lung.  This struggle is real for me.  Not only do I need to accomplish this for myself and my health, I need to do it for my children and grandchildren (16 years and 9 months).  Each day is a struggle for me, but I try to keep telling myself if I did it yesterday I can do it today.  When I was going to work everyday I had something to focus on other than thinking about smoking.  I am currently home recuperating from the removal of the nodule and feel like I am going stir crazy.  My body movements are restricted for a couple of weeks so it not like I can walk outside, exercise, clean the house, I can't even pick anything up that is heavier than 5 lbs.  I am just watching TV and reading but the thoughts of smoking still pop into my head.  I am on the 6th week of the patch at 7mg.  I am not using anything else to control the cravings.  I would appreciate any suggestions to get me through these days until I return to work.  Smoking again is not an option.  I cannot give up after 45 days.  I feel I have come so far.  I want to be smoke free for life.