Anyone ever.....

Blog Post created by Diannnnn on Jul 23, 2017

just get kind of bored with their quit? Maybe that isn't the right way to describe it and maybe I am just experiencing a little breakthrough depression. I still have cravings and thoughts of chucking this quit journey. I get through that and find I am really sleepy, despite having a constant flow of nicotine from the patch. I slept most of yesterday afternoon, then just stayed in bed, sleeping on and off, until about 830 this morning. Blew through my alarms so missed church. Now just feel kind of blase about everything in general. I can feel some of my self doubt/self dislike thoughts creeping in. I thought about going for a bike ride, but it is really hot and super muggy. 


I tell myself, hey, 21 days of not smoking, be happy! Then I'm like, yeah, so what? Your not the only one who has ever done this, so why make a big deal about it?


Yep, I have definitely lost my happy. From what I have read on here, it happens during quits. Worries me because of my mental history, but I guess this will pass. Will try to keep doing what I know is best and hope it passes. I have a counseling appt. in a little over a week and psych appt in 3 weeks. Not sure what they can do, but hopefully they will have some worthwhile input.


Smoking won't make me feel better, it will just give me another reason to not like myself. Need to remember that.