Great News

Blog Post created by Diannnnn on Jul 11, 2017

I have dodged the COPD bullet! I just saw the pulmonologist and I have developed asthma in his opinion. He went over my tests results with me and showed me exactly what led him to that conclusion. Now I know asthma can be serious, but I would rather have that than COPD. This doesn't change anything about what I am doing or will continue to do. Treatment is very similar and I still have to take care of my lungs. As with COPD, quitting smoking is the #1 thing I can do for myself. Plus I didn't have to waste the Dr's time on a stop smoking lecture. As far as chronic conditions go, I can think of many that are far worse!


So I am drinking my Emergen C and thanking my lucky stars! Game plan remains the same.


I plugged BecomeanEX to the Dr and my Walgreen's pharmacy today. The pharmacist is trying to quit!


Thanks as always for everything you guys, you are the best!