So much easier NOT to smoke at work

Blog Post created by DemonaXL on Dec 4, 2017

This weekend, I read and I read and I read and get the idea.  I have learned a lot about quitting. Pretty much like I thought it would be.  A lot like A.A., but harder.  Much harder.   So I guess, my Mama did raise a quitter and that's all right!


Bare knuckling is a really hard way to quit.  I broke down a couple of times over the weekend, but for the most part as long as I stayed busy it was okay.  I will get the Chantix on the 16th and it should help ease this program.    It's easy to stay busy, I just look around my house and start cleaning an area.  It doesn't matter if you have cleaned it a time or two (in the past few hours), clean it's dirty somewhere on there!


At work, different story.  I had my  head buried in paperwork from 8 until 5.  I looked up at a quarter after 8 and it was  noon!  Went to lunch and yes, I have mastered the whole not smoking in the car thingy, so I avoided my hubby while he smoked in the basement and watched TV for a few, then back to work!  Next thing I knew it was 4:30. Everyone else has left the office and I will sit here and blog until 5 o'clock.  Cause I can ramble.  All day long.  And as long as I am rambling on this blog, I'm not smoking.


Yeah, I can ramble.