I will succeed

Blog Post created by DemonaXL on Nov 28, 2017

My Quit date is December 2nd.  I am nervous, I am excited, I am dreading the possibility of failure.  I keep thinking I could get a buddy to help me, but last time I quit (one of several hundred times), when my buddy failed I used it as an excuse to fail also.  I am going to have to go it alone.  

This isn't going to be easy with the job hassles I have as well the fact I live with 3 other smokers.  I will be going outside and setting parameters for them to smoke and giving me a "small smoke-free area".  I have to do this, because I screwed up and didn't come down harder on my son when I caught him smoking.  I have never been much of a hypocrite, so I have to quit to be able to encourage him to quit with a clear conscience..


I took out a cancer policy at work and that really got me thinking.  Why not up my chances of NOT getting cancer, by NOT smoking.  How about I help make it easier for the rest of the population to NOT get cancer from second hand smoke.  I realized this morning, that I have been helping to kill people that I don't even know, with second hand smoke!!!!


I'm making signs to put in my cubicle on Friday before I leave work for the week, just to make sure I don't come back in smoking.  It will help let people know that they don't need to stop by and ask me to go smoke.


I will do this!!!