One Month - Smoke Free!

Blog Post created by Deb-EX on Dec 13, 2017

According to my quit stat's - 782 cigarettes avoided, Whattt??!!! Wow, that's shocking and disgusting.

While you would think I would be celebrating, at the moment I am the complete opposite... I feel like a basket case and I believe I've entered the next phase of the infamous "No Man's Land" 


Tonight is my son's Winter concert at school and I'm glad I have 10 hours to get ready because I am going to need every second of that 10 hours to get myself together. I am feeling absolutely exhausted, cranky, sensitive and I feel like even the simplest task of taking a shower is nothing sort of a burden. I know I have to just "get over it" and push through and I WILL in a minute, I just feel like venting my feelings, it is my ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY after all.. LOL! I never, ever thought this was possible 32 days ago!


I want to thank everyone in this support group for ALL the advice, all the comments, all the questions, all the blogs both present and past because without them I really don't think I would have or could have made it this far. This group has walked me through each step, everyday of the week.. it's been amazing and I can't thank you all enough.


OK.. time to "get my act together now" ... here's to the next 30 days!!  XOXO