Day 14, harder than Day 1.

Blog Post created by Deb-EX on Nov 27, 2017

Today the start of day 14 and I have to be honest, these last couple of days have been VERY hard. I am using the Nicotine patch so I am not exactly sure what changed from week 1 until now. Every minute feels like an hour and I am extremely cranky!! Is this a normal phase to go through? Is my mind playing tricks on me that this will all end if I "just smoke a cigarette?"  I am NOT going to smoke, I just want to get through this!! I am keeping busy, busy, busy... I'm exhausted from keeping so busy LOL , drinking water doing everything I can think of.

I guess I don't know what to expect from the Nicoderm patch, I am a bit confused about what withdrawal IS or what cravings are because of it.