Day 7 aka Week Won!!!!!

Blog Post created by Ddjonesy on Oct 3, 2017

Wow....one week ago tonight I was watching the clock, which at that time, seemed to move waaaaay too fast. I had told me that I would my give myself a birthday gift that no one else could...so that meant no smoking after 12 am.  It meant I was done....the habit I'd let control me, that one that made me, my house, my car, and even my dog stink, was not going to control me any longer! It sounded good in theory, but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off or not. I def had my doubts. I had tried the Chantix before, it didn't seem like it really helped, so wasn't really looking for anything different this time. But, maybe the difference is,  wasn't ready before....Now I look back, and can't believe that I'm about to end my 7th day. I can really say a week WON! 


I thank God for being there for me, and I thank y'all.....I think I say this in every post, but it's true, you're the best encouragers I've ever 'met'! I wouldn't want to know what this week would've been like without your help!