Day 5/6

Blog Post created by Ddjonesy on Oct 2, 2017

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a blessed evening!  I didn't make it in here yesterday, so wanted to make sure I did today. Still hangin' in there! I had a rough one Sat. (Night 4) But, thankfully I survived it! I was really tired, and had dozed off, but then I woke up and with insomnia.....Started having the worst cravings.....for several hours....prayed some, came in here and read some, played some mindless internet games and finally crashed.. The past couple days haven't been as bad. But, just in case I've given anyone the impression that this is easy....please know that it isn't! BUT, it IS WORTH IT!


Also wanted to thank y'all again! You're the best encouragers ever!