I'm Back

Blog Post created by DayDreamer on Feb 19, 2020

I was an active member of this community for a few years. Thought I had everything under control, made it almost 3 years without a single puff. Decided to have a cigar with some friends when on vacation about a year and a half ago, after that the itch was back. I did not start smoking again right away but had a few here and there thinking that I could not get stuck back in the nicotine trap. (of course I was very wrong). I have been smoking as much as I did before my quit for the last... I don't know exactly but has to be close to a year now. I quit again on February 3 after a few false starts where I would tell myself I was done but then find myself smoking when the weekend came. I decided last week to get a fresh start here on become an ex because it was so helpful for me before. I never forgot what i learned from my time here but I am definitely out of practice and need some support. This is my forever quit. With a little help I know I can keep from falling back into that trap ever again. NOPNMW...